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Road Soul One

Road Soul One

Clay Hawkins

Late Night, Boot Stompin', Road Music from the Heart!  Released in March of 2012, Clay is currently touring throughout the year promoting his new CD.  You can download the album here as MP3's or purchase a hard copy at CDBaby.  Downloads are also available at Itunes.

[ Add All Tracks to Cart ] Cost US$9.00
# Track Name Duration Preview Cost +Add
1 One True Love 4:52 US$0.99
2 Dusk US$0.99
3 Worth It US$0.00 Free Downloads
4 Show Time US$0.99
5 The War US$0.99
6 Monicon US$0.99
7 The Circus US$0.99
8 Shiloh US$0.00 Free Downloads
9 Winding Road US$0.99
10 Cadence US$0.99
11 Lie To Me US$0.99
12 Should've Known US$0.99
13 To All US$0.99
14 Astray US$0.99

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